It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of running a small business, but there are certain functions your company may be better off outsourcing. Here are three tasks that should be outsourced as soon as possible:

Accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services

Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping is probably the most important thing you can do to maintain your sanity. If you’re unfamiliar with accounting and bookkeeping, it’s keeping track of what money goes in and out of your business. You need someone who knows how to do this for you because there could be severe consequences if something goes wrong.

For example, let’s say that one day you realize that because of a mistake made by the person managing the finances for your small business, the government thinks that they owe more money than they do. If that happens too often over an extended period (or even once), they could start charging penalties or fines on top of what they think they owe!


Marketing is a critical function of a small business. It’s not just about advertising and promotion, and it’s also about building brand awareness, relationships with customers and potential customers, and customer retention.

By outsourcing your marketing efforts to an agency or freelancer, you’ll free up time for other critical tasks such as managing employees, managing the finances, or investing in new products or services for your company.


Document management

Document management is a service that allows small business owners to outsource the tedious work of managing documents, such as invoices and receipts. This often includes scanning and archiving documents so they can be easily accessible if needed in the future.

If you’re looking for a reliable document management service, look for one with these key features: 

    • Quick turnaround times
    • Flexible pricing plans based on your needs
    • Secure cloud storage solution (e-mail attachments are not secure)

Small business owners shouldn’t try to do everything themselves.

It would be best if you focused on your core competencies as a small business owner. One of the best ways to do this is by outsourcing tasks outside your expertise or time constraints.

When it comes down to it, not everyone can be a master of all trades. Suppose you are interested in learning about marketing and graphic design but don’t want to spend hours learning Photoshop or creating effective social media campaigns for your business. In that case, an outsourcing partner could be the answer for you!

Some small businesses may struggle with finding someone who can provide quality results for them in these areas because there are so many service providers out there and so many different types of services being offered by them as well (from Facebook Ads Management to Social Media Management). That’s why we recommend hiring an outsourced team (or individual freelancer) instead: they’ll be able to dedicate their full attention towards helping improve YOUR business rather than having multiple clients at once with overlapping needs – which saves both parties valuable time & money!